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A Trailside Guide: Scuba Diving039331944X
Andrea Doria: Dive to an Era (AquaQuest Publications)0962145300
Complete Wreck Diving Guide: A Guide to Diving Wrecks1881652300
Deep Descent : Adventure and Death Diving the Andrea Doria0743400631
Deep Diving (revised edition) (Watersport Publishing)0922769311
Deeper Into Diving (J.L. Publications)0959030638
Diving Guide to Sharm-el-Sheik184037036X
Diving Guide to Underwater Florida (10th Edition)1878348299
Diving in the Caribbean (Rizzoli International Publications)0847821323
Diving in the Indian Ocean (Rizzoli Publications)0847822338
Great Reefs of the World (Pisces Books)1559920580
Ironclad Legacy: Battles of the USS Monitor0962145386
Jim Church's Essential Guide to Underwater Video 2nd Edition1881652262
Lost Voyages: Two Centuries of Shipwrecks in the Approaches to New York1881652173
Mastering Underwater Photography0688038816
Neutral Buoyancy: Adventures in a Liquid World0140287302
Primary Wreck Diving Guide ()0962145394
Red Sea Divers Guide volume 2 ()9653620096
Scuba Diving First Aid (Jones & Bartlett Publishers)0867209445
Scuba Diving (Human Kinetics Europe Ltd)0736001727
Scuba Diving (Insight Guides)1563319276
Scuba Diving (New Holland Publishers (UK))1859744605
Scuba Diving (Tab Books)0071351388
Scuba Diving (The Crowood Press)1861262795
Scuba Equipment: Care and Maintenance0932248012
Shipwrecks of Delaware and Maryland0962145327
Shipwrecks of New Jersey (North)188305608X
Shipwrecks of New York ()1883056047
Shipwrecks of North Carolina: Diamond Shoals North0962145378
Shipwrecks of North Carolina: Hatteras Inlet South0962145351